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It's all about the Cosplay!

A little  note from our LadyBoss  and founder...

Wait a minute...a company featuring BEAUTIFUL women in  (sometimes) tiny clothes NOT created by a man?! That doesn't make sense! Or does it?

It's okay to love your body. It's okay to love your self. It's okay to be a woman and LOVE everything nerdy. It's OKAY for a woman to create a company showcasing other women in all their nerdiness glory. Nerds UNITE. Scroll down for the story.

The makings of Level40Two

Alkali Layke is a Cosplay Artist from the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys all things nerdy,  loves craft beer  and has a love/hate relationship with her sewing machine.

The Cosplay Community can be difficult to break into. Their are very few artists at the "top", and most artists will never book a cosplay convention. Alkali, or "Ally" as she's known to her friends, has experienced this herself. Most cosplay artists make money off of prints sold online and  at shows or off selling cosplay commissions.  Most money made from these type of sales barely cover an artists next cosplay project. Ally knew that their HAD to be another way. But how? How could she come up with something that no one had thought of yet?  After a  little craft beer and a few episodes of Grimm  she had it! Why not have a monthly signed photo that I can ship to my fans every month for less than the cost of a convention photo?

Wait a minute....

Why not do it for other women too?

Hey there. I think I just thought up a thing. I think I'll name it after a Hitchhiker's reference. I'm calling my friend Joanie Brosas. She had GOT to hear this.

And there you have it. NERDS UNITE.